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Office Furniture Planning Service

EBS offers a full CAD design service where will will visit your offices and measure out the rooms you wish to change or add furniture too.

We can then input your stats into our system and build your 3D profile to show you just how your new office furniture might look - this service is completely free of charge and can be used with both existing and new office desks, operators chairs, filing cabinets and office cuboards.  

Some things to consider when planning your new office layout

Existing office furniture

Do you wish to re-use some of your exisiting desks, filing cabinets and chairs? perhaps the office chairs are structurally sound and may simply need recovering - or the desks could simply need new tops? if so we can help with both and we can also incorporate any existing furniture into your 3D digital plans along with any new products.

Filing and storage

Often overlooked in most offices meaning in many cases the afterthought of the amount of paperwork, lever arch files and office documents end up never having a rightful place thats easily accessable when needed. We offer many solutions in office filing each lending itself to a varity of office layouts and use requirements - solutions include; tambour cupboards (including roll out shelving and lateral shelving extras), filing cabinets, office cupboards and pedestal options.


This may seem obvious but the best offices are the ones that work best for the company. who needs to work next to who? who needs regular access to the printer or copier? or which areas of the office tend to have more customer focused phone interaction? who needs privacy for thier screen for things like payroll or HR issues? all these point can go into the mix of requirements that start to form and idea of how the office needs to work and can often be the starting point for the positioning of desks (and people).

Emergency access and facilities access

Its ok trying to get as many people working in an office as you can when space is a premium but are you doing it safely - our office CAD design service will only allow desks to positioned the correct and safe distance apart leaving each user the right amout of space to work safely and leave them the correct access space to thier individual workspace.

Acoustic Screens

These may look just cosmetic but they actually serve three great purposes:

  • They provide unsightly cables and the backs of monitors in front of you with a means to hide from view.
  • They are a great way to add your own pinboard/noticeboard to each workstation - or simply an area to personalise your working space with family photos.
  • The real hidden bonus to having desk screens between each workstation is that they provide an acoustic barrier when on the phone, placed at the perfect height for the person at the desk to block noisy phone conversations affecting the workstation opposite.

For more ideas and advice to make the most of your workspace why not ask one of our team to take a look at your project. Call 0115 9444760 to book an appointment.